Painting lockers for literacy
Painting lockers for literacy
Posted on 08/01/2016

Thanks to a generous gift from our PTA, we are in the process of repainting our lockers to look like book spines on a shelf.  If is our goal to improve the look of our campus but also to encourage literacy among our students. There are637 lockers on 3 hallways to get painted. 

We've attached some before and in progress photos as well as a finished picture from another school who has done this project. We will add more to this developing story as it nears completion. Please enjoy the pics.


The Goal!Before #1Before #2Before #3Buckets & Buckets & Buckets of PAINTIn Progress #1In Progress #2

The Goal!

Before #1

Before #2

Before #3

Buckets & Buckets & Buckets of PAINT

In Progress #1

In Progress #2